Trucking Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Client Centered

Q:  How do I reduce my trucking insurance expense?

A:  Many factors go into calculating trucking insurance rates.  There is no one thing you can do to reduce the cost of insurance.  Click Here! to read our blog on proactive things you can do to help reduce your cost for trucking insurance.

Q:  How do I get trucking insurance for my new authority?

A:  Trucking insurance for new authority can be difficult to place, at an affordable rate.  There are factors you control that can make your new authority trucking insurance affordable.  A few factors are radius of operation, commodities transported, and year of equipment. We’d be more than happy to discuss ways you can get more affordable trucking insurance for your new authority.  

Q:  How do I improve my CAB scores?

A:  Maintaining favorable CAB scores is crucial.  This is the first thing we as agents, and insurance company underwriters look at.  You must maintain your equipment to keep from getting major violations.

Q:  How much does trucking insurance cost?

A:  There is no one-size-fits-all trucking insurance coverage.  Many factors go into calculating insurance premiums. A few factors are territory you’re based/operating in, commodities transported, value of equipment, radius of operation and years' experience.  Your best option is to CLICK HERE to start a conversation with one of our trusted trucking insurance advisors.