RestoIns™ Insurance Program

Let us do the Heavy Lifting for you!

Who Are We?

WE are the people you want on your side. WE engage with purpose. WE bring you content that helps you grow in the restaurant industry. WE specialize in Restaurant Insurance and WE do it right. Our job is to present you with a compressive plan, that covers any risk your operation(s) may have, at the most affordable rate. WE want to provide you everything you need and nothing you don’t. WE are Louisiana raised and have trained under industry leading mentors with many decades of experience in the culinary world. WE know what it means and will be here to do whatever you need when you need us. .

We will identify the potential exposures, create a custom and comprehensive plan to cover the exposures YOU NEED and NOT the ones YOU DON’T.

Most emphatically we wish to always be there WITH you in your time of need so WE can be ready to do whatever it takes.

When you call we answer.

In the spring of 2019 Jeffrey and Byron joined forces and thirty five years of combined experience to form RestoIns™.

With RestoIns™ powered by Bayou Insurance we provide limitless efforts toward fulfilling your coverage needs.  We provide a foundation for a healthy, strong, and safe growth of your restaurant.  We pledge to be with you as we trudge forward in growth, hospitality for all.

PRODUCTS 1. DATA-helps you pay for response expenses is sensitive personal information you collect is lost or stolen (credit card info) 2. WALKIN/FREEZER – provides coverage for the loss of food that is lost due to breakdown or failure of equipment or power failure 3. EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES – covers employee suits for discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination 4. LIQUOR – legal costs, court fees, civil, criminal resulting from sale at resto 5. FOOD CONTAMINATION – coverage from lost income if suspended operations by public health authority due to discovery of food contamination 6. EMPLOYEE HONESTY – covers employee theft of money, securities, or property 7. COMPUTERS AND MEDIA – covers power failure damage

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