Take Control of YOUR Trucking Insurance Renewal

Take Control of YOUR Trucking Insurance Renewal

| January 17, 2023

I'm tired of insurance agents feeling they have control over policies. The policy belongs to YOU, the trucking operation owner!

All these coward agents do is make the renewal process WAY more difficult than it should be for you.

If the agent is doing their job, they shouldn't live in fear of losing your business.

It's no secret that trucking insurance rates are on the rise.  Claim free operations with clean CAB scores are seeing 5-10% rate increases.  Some insurance companies are taking 25%+ rate increases.  Trucking owners don't deserve to get surprised with these last minute renewal quotes.

Communication from the agent can alleviate much of the hassle in the trucking insurance renewal process.

Here are a few steps you can implement NOW, to take control of your policy and guarantee you're not forced into over-paying for a last minute renewal policy.

1. Renewal Strategy Review: Know what insurance companies your agent is marketing your operation to and the rates they are seeing.  This way when I call on you to visit about your renewal, you'll already know what companies are working on your renewal.  This saves you time by not having to gather and send all the information to me, just to find out your agent already has the markets blocked.  Additionally, underwriters don't work on applications as promptly or aggressively when they receive multiple submission from multiple agents.

2.  Sign off on the narrative of your operation that is being presented to the insurance companies.  Your narrative plays a huge role in selling the insurance company.  This paints a very clear picture of your operation and the reasons they should offer the best rate to you.  There is a lot of detail that goes into the narrative.  Schedule A Call with me to go into greater detail on this.

Bottom line is you need a documented renewal plan to make sure you:

1.  Get the best insurance rate possible for your operation

2.  Get your insurance renewal in time to make changes, have filings made, and get renewal documents distributed/issued

3.  Don't get blindsided if a large increase is expected

If your renewal process is a hassle, consider a visit with us to discuss our process and how it might be able to help your operation.

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