5 Reasons Commercial Vehicle Accidents Occur

5 Reasons Commercial Vehicle Accidents Occur

| January 29, 2019

Accidents happen.  They aren't intentional.  Nobody wants to be involved in an accident (except for the few who make a living by resorting to fraudulent schemes).  When it comes to the trucking industry, owners must establish a culture of driver safety.  There needs to be an ongoing safety program in place, to better equip and educate drivers.  I'm confident in saying the majority of truckers are safe drivers, but like your momma always said: "it's the others I'm worried about, not you".

I've partnered with Mark Hayes with Mark's DOT Consulting for this article.  Mark can be reached at 214-200-1720 or visit his WEBSITE


1.  Driver Error - Unnecessary risks and the inability to react to situations cause accidents

  • Inattention
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Substance Abuse

2.  Equipment Failure - The FMCSA guidelines are too often ignored, causing accidents that could have been avoided

  • Not doing the required pre trip inspection
  • B.L.T. - Brakes Lights Tires
  • General maintenance issues

3.  Weather Conditions

  • Following/Stopping Distance - It takes a commercial vehicle with spring air brakes twice the distance to stop as a car
  • Inexperience driving in bad weather

4.  Driver Recruiting

  • Not hiring the correct driver for the job - You can't hire just to have a seat filled
  • Not doing background checks
  • Inexperience

5.  Distractions - These are just a few of the distractions that cause accidents.  FMCSA has strict rules in place for commercial drivers.  Hands free devices only!  If a driver gets a violation for any of these infractions, the fines are heavy and go against the driver and company!

  • Talking on phone
  • Texting
  • Eating

Implementing a mandatory and routine defensive driving course can make a difference.  If your driver is involved in a serious accident and it is determined your company does not reinforce DOT, DMV, or FMCSA rule adherence; you can be found to be negligent.  Legal agencies and opposing attorneys will quickly look into:

  • Drivers history and training
  • Drivers Hours of Service
  • Vehicle condition and maintenance history

Changing the CULTURE and ATTITUDE towards safety means:

  • You reduce or eliminate the at risk behaviors and save lives
  • You generate awareness among employee's
  • Your CSA score improves
  • Your chances of an at fault accident are reduced
  • Your employee moral improves

Happy employees are motivated to do a better job, increasing your bottom line!

Safety is a mind set that everyone should embrace.

  • Train, encourage, and reward safe behaviors.  Never tolerate anything less.
  • Create an incentive program
  • Make a positive, competitive challenge for drivers

Give our friend Mark a call at 214-200-1720 to discuss the safety services he can provide your company.  You can also reach out to any of the knowledgeable TEAM MEMBERS at Bayou to discuss your operations needs.  We can be reached at 318-805-6448.

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Ivy with Southern Transport.

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