3 Tips to Reduce Summertime Restaurant Accidents

3 Tips to Reduce Summertime Restaurant Accidents

| June 24, 2019
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Three Tips to Reduce Summertime Restaurant Accidents


The primary factors resulting in summertime work-related injuries in the restaurant industry include: poor knife skills (more to come), staff not knowing their own physical abilities and limits, and lack of critical training. 


Cuts make up a third of restaurant claims but slip and fall account for 4.5 times more in paid losses.  Let’s take a look at that now….


June, July, and August are filled with temporary staffing needs, while full time staffers go on various trips.  When you have seasonal employees, the last thing any manager or owner desires to do is additional training.  However, if there is a focus on critical training – a potential reduction of 4.5 times the paid losses is much more palatable. 


Three tips to reduce your summertime restaurant risks:

  1. Footwear - quarterly check for approved footwear and tread life
  2. Work Smarter - avoid spills by working smarter in your housekeeping duties, verbalizing spill areas to make sure everyone in the house is aware
  3. Awareness - focus and move intently, communicate around corners, report any problem areas to management immediately and in writing. 

Consistent and disciplined operational processes with a culture that prioritizes worker safety are some of the tactics that can help restaurants reduce risks for employees.

Our goal is to provide the right information and guidance to help you keep your risk management plan affordable.  Restaurant insurance is one of your biggest and most pertinent needs for long term profitability. 

The information I’m providing will hopefully urge you to ask some questions, that will bring about forward progress in your operation.


Byron Bailey has 16 years of restaurant and hospitality experience.  He loves to talk shop, so please reach out anytime. 


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